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Mike Portnoy vs. Hello Kitty Drum Set

Mike Portnoy, (formerly of Dream Theater, currently with The Winery Dogs among many others) plays “Name that Tune” with a children’s “Hello Kitty” drum set. Let’s just say it doesn’t go well for the kit…


Dog Plays “Enter Sandman”

Is this dog a better drummer than Lars Ulrich? You decide! with the best thing on the internet today! Wonder if he could play another pedal with his tail? Take notes on the matching shades/drum wrap.

Chad Smith’s Mastered Drum Tracks

With a little digging you can find mastered drum tracks from some of the most iconic albums/drummers ever! Check out Chad Smith’s funky groovin’ off Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991). And don’t forget about the production from Rick Rubin…

Full Show: Travis Barker with The Aquabats

While most people will recognize Travis Barker from Blink-182, he had a two year stint previously with The Aquabats, a hilarious ska band which dresses up in costumes and sings about magic chickens and pool parties. Check out the full show from 1998 below.

Chad Smith plays “My Friends” on Letterman with a broken arm.

Chad Smith had to play one handed because of a broken arm, acquired in a baseball game. He doesn’t even miss a beat.

Travis Barker plays “Down” on Letterman with a broken right foot

Can you play a Blink-182 song on drums? Maybe. Could you play a Blink-182 song with your dominant foot broken? Probably not.

This puppet totally smashes “Tom Sawyer” by Rush

Neil Peart would be proud. The creator wasn’t even sure the puppet would work originally, but he’s quickly becoming a rising star in the drum world…

Sledgepad Acoustic Foam Review

                           Fullsized Sledgepad

SledgePad is a fairly new company based in Georgia (buy American!) making acoustic treatment for bass drums. They currently make 3 models. The full size SledgePad (pictured above) is 23″ on the batter end and tapers to 12″ on the reso head. Pretty heavy dampening, but a warmer, fuller tone than a pillow.

Sledgepad Baby


The SledgeBaby is the same design but about 30% smaller for drummers that like less dampening and also for 20″ and 18″ bass drums. The Sledgpad Alien has more airflow through and around the pad to allow the drum to speak longer and not muffle the drum’s natural voice. The Alien lays inside the drum in a V shape and exposes the bottom of the shell and looks like a space ship (thus The Alien). The attack sounds great and allows the drum to really speak.

Sledgepad Alien

Sledgepad Alien

From the designer –

“People buy Maple or Birch or Mahogany for the tonal properties of that wood so I would never want to cover that up. After many tests I did on my own and through personal experience as a drummer of 35 years I noticed how people would not achieve that deep short voice they were looking for until the pillows or blankets spread out and touched both heads…That’s why I used acoustic foam because it lays low in the shell and allows maximum air movement through the drum and will press against the heads.”

All 3 Sledgepad models are less weight and mass than a pillow and allow more air movement. Each pad is slightly over sized and when you install SledgePad the pad will squeeze in between the heads and will ad hear to the heads with small double sided tape tabs. That inner tension along with the type of material and the design shapes the sound and creates a couduit that allows the drum and heads and pad to work together very nicely.

Cons: Tape may un stick during heavy travel for gigging. Easy problem to fix, but keep an eye out.

Overall 4.5/5 Sticks.

Reviewed by Tucci (@tuccinotmatt)

Conan O’Brien plays drums at Radio City Music Hall

Holding it down on a beautiful DW kit; he even manages to grab a different stick without changing the beat. All and all, well done from the host of Late Night.

Dog plays drums, adorableness ensues.

We hear he’s gunning for Meg White’s job…